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Customer Stories

Learn from the Stars who are mastering the art of code, transforming their lives and shaping the future with MineAcademy.
Angel Avila, founder of WalkingPlayers, one of biggest South American servers shares his story. His network offers one of the friendliest atmospheres in the world to play with your friends, involve yourself in custom-coded challenges and new experiences that you would only experience with us. 
Julian Staudt has been passionate about coding since 2011. After enrolling in one of our training programs he was able to code a Discord bot and is now responsible for one of the most downloaded premium plugin on SpigotMC, EasyBackup.
Jack joined us in October 2020 with no prior experience in coding. After following the courses and interacting with the community Jack now codes high-quality Minecraft plugins and shares his story.
BlazeVortex offers Factions like it used to be in the good old days. The server has been running since 2015 and offers unique features with tweaks in gameplay that make our server the best Factions server around.
Arif Gasanov is sharing his personal experience with MineAcademy. He started from the ground up to the point now where his server is regularly crossing 130-player mark.
PirateCraft is the world’s biggest pirate Minecraft server, providing unique player experience with sailing their own ships, blowing each other up with cannons, realistic ship movement and tons of custom-coded features.
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