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How Arif built his server to 130 average players​

Arif Gasanov is sharing his personal experience with MineAcademy. He started from the ground up to the point now where his server is regularly crossing 130-player mark.

That’s not a help-request or something like this, I simply want to tell you about my experience and changes that was made by Matej.

I was a server-developer, and I didn’t know how plugins worked. (I honestly thought that it’s sometime like magic.) I knew famous developers like kangarko, Maximvdw and Zrips. I thought that they are not humans haha (like they never talk to people like me, but I was wrong.)

Everything started when Matej Pacan posted a new status on SpigotMC – “What is your biggest struggle when running a MC server or coding plugins? Let me know at mineacademy.org” I thought – it’s my chance to change my life! And I was right.

I’ve posted a request to make a call to me. I didn’t think that Matej really can call me, I thought that some manager will can and offer me a deal. But everything changed when Matej himself picked up the phone.

I was really nervous when I heard man’s voice. I’m Russian and my English is not good enough. I’ve described my situation (I had a small server with 40-60 average players). Than Matej told me about his “Tsar Bomb” project he was working on. I was really excited.

Unfortunately I didn’t had such money and my server’s VIP sales was not good enough, so I couldn’t join this project, but Matej told me about his course and it was much more cheaper! I decided to look up its page just for watch.

My first think was – “It’s just a scam”, but I decided to buy. It was the best decision of my life.

I started to learn. I was learning very quickly. Of course, there were barriers like – “It’s too complicated for me! I’ll never finish it!”. Then I stopped learning for a week.

I was thinking about this course a lot. I wasn’t the best student (not only because I’m Russian, more because I was not sticking to this). But I decided – “I need to finish it. I really need it!” And I’ve finished.

That was the best experience of my life. Matej’s course was very exciting and humorous. I really didn’t think that it can be so interesting.

Now I have a new server with more than 130 average players. It’s been a truly life changing experience. I didn’t think that I can achieve it one day, and here I am.

Matej has learned me how to break a lot of “barriers” not only in coding, but also in life. I’ve turned into a better version of myself than what I was at the beginning.

At the beginning I thought – “Oh, I’ve a new error, that’s impossible to solve it!”, but now I know – I can solve of them, if I want. All of the errors are parts of your coding experience, just like in life. You solve them one by one – and you’ll receive lots of experience in return.

Now I can understand how plugins work and how to make them on my own! That was my target and I’ve achieved it. All I can say is that Matej’s courses changed my life. Keep in mind – all of your problems and issues start from your mind. If you know that you’re not a piece of “sh*t” – you’ll rock the mountains.

I wanted to tell you about my own experience and my own thoughts about Matej’s courses. I’m really looking forward new kangarko’s projects and I hope that his projects will teach me how to become much better person.

If you’re still thinking about joining any of Matej’s projects – just read this post, but keep in mind that he can’t make you better – he can give you a right road to become a better person (or a better Minecraft & Java coder).

Thanks for your attention, I really appreciate it.

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