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ChatControl Red™

The Ultimate Chat Formatting & Management Plugin

What Is It

ChatControl Red helps you to format and filter your chat. It works on Minecraft 1.2.5 to the latest and supports BungeeCord, Discord and MySQL.

How It Works

You install ChatControl Red on a Spigot or Paper server, and optionally install BungeeControl on BungeeCord.

Why It Exists

Making your server unique is time consuming. It's frustrating how doing basic things is often impossible without installing 25+ plugins.

Why ChatControl Red™?

ChatControl series are rated #1 in chat filtering and chat management. ChatControl Red™ is a full rewrite bringing the following over the ChatControl Pro™ from 2015:

  • Full Discord and BungeeCord support.
  • Chat channels, party chat, global and ranged chat, linked chat.
  • Over 15 new commands including viewing in-game logs, selective spying, 3D rules regions, mail and nick system.
  • Exclusive features like the [X] button to remove chat messages and the [item] placeholder in chat.
Here’s a comparation between ChatControl Pro™ (2015) and ChatControl Red™ (2022):

Frequent Questions

We’ve offered free migration from ChatControl Pro to Red for people who bought the plugin since 2015 for about three years (06/2021-12/2023). 

This was a manual and a time consuming process and we’ve seen shut down this offer.

Yes sir! I understand how frustrating it is to have a hardcoded advertisement right on your server. That’s why ChatControl Red™ makes it easy to change over 900 messages, including those shown on /chatcontrol or /channel commands. 

You can even change the layout and design completely to fit your server’s unique needs.

I wrote ChatControl Pro™ in high-school in 2015 and haven’t fully rewritten it since. ChatControl Red™ has the entire core has been rewritten in Red to optimize performance and stability to its maximum potential.

It is written according to my latest knowledge and coding standards, based on thousands of customers questions, complaints and ideas.

We’ve added 100s of new features such as full-featured MySQL and BungeeCord support, deleting chat messages, [item] placeholder in chat and so much more that ChatControl Red™ is now officially the most advanced chat management plugin ever written!

See this link for more information and a changelog.

Yes and no, ChatControl Pro is no longer supported, however it won’t be removed.

If you’re reading this, please know that we’ve kept maintaining Pro for over a year after Red has been released, and everyone who purchased Pro was offered a free upgrade to Red until Dec 31, 2023.

Get ChatControl Red Now!

Build an amazing community. Your server, your way.