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Julian took over one of the most downloaded premium plugins on SpigotMC

Julian Staudt has been passionate about coding since 2011. After enrolling in one of our training programs he was able to code a Discord bot and is now responsible for one of the most downloaded premium plugin on SpigotMC, EasyBackup.

Julian shares his story of how he become one of Spigot’s most respected developer for EasyBackup, hosting numerous projects on his GitHub.

In the year 2011, I had my first contact with coding in general. I was 7 years old when I got a Lego Mindstorms NXT robot as a Christmas gift.

I’ve started using the software provided by Lego and had a lot fun with that. There were almost endless possibilities of what you could do and it was really the right way to start. I’ve coded my own robot which cleaned up my room and sorted Lego bricks by their color. I made keycard systems using RFID transponders etc… It was really a great time.

A few years later, in high school, I realized there was a “Robotic group” for guys like me, who wanted to improve their coding skills. The only problem was that it was only for students in the >11th grade. And I was just in the 5th. But that couldn’t stop me. I’ve asked the teacher if I’d be still allowed to join; with success. That was the first time, I started using Java. It wasn’t a lot, but I knew what an int or a string is. I wasn’t able to start an own project. Over the years, I’ve tried many times creating a simple Java Discord Bot with YouTube tutorials, but every time without success.

Then came 29.07.2018. It was the start of unexpected and amazing holidays. My family and I went on a cruise.

I remember that one day. During a bus trip, I was just googling around a bit. I knew that kangarko created a new very big project, but I didn’t think it would be something for me. Anyways, I’ve opened Google Chrome and went onto his site. As I was really bored I started reading the whole page. Over and over I really started thinking of buying it. I still wasn’t really sure. The thing I really liked about it was that it doesn’t seem to be just a crappy advertisement. You immediately saw that someone really had put effort in creating this. Over the days I couldn’t really stop thinking about it.

The day I’ve bought the course was, surprisingly, 08.08.2018. The whole bundle. And I really don’t regret buying it. I couldn’t stop watching it the next days on our cruise. I’ve completed the fundamentals still during our cruise. And I had just so much fun, while watching kangarko making jokes and making coding as easy, but still as professional as possible for me, the student. I was just amazing.

Once I were back at home, I’ve watched it again. Then I’ve started to code on my own. Obviously I encountered some problems, but kangarko was all the time here to help me with everything.

After some months, I was able to start some bigger projects. I’ve made my own Discord Bot, recoded Maximvdw’s SpigotSiteAPI and now I’m coding my own Amazon Alexa Skills and SmartHome APIs in addition to the development of EasyBackup, which is one of the most downloaded premium plugin on SpigotMC.

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