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Teach Your Child Programming

Our courses use a beginner-friendly visual method at your own pace and let kids make their dream games while teaching them a valuable skill. For ages 8 and up.

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How It Works

Complete the courses at your own pace, get help along the way. 


Our easy-to-follow videos teach your child how to code step-by-step.


Your child will get all the tools they need to start coding at no extra costs.


Let your child build and publish their games or share them with friends.

Suitable For Beginners

Get your child started with coding in our step-by-step beginner friendly environment.

We provide them with all the tools and training to turn complicated Java code into easy to understand games.

Even if you and your kids have no programming experience.

And Experienced Coders Alike

And if your child is already familiar with Minecraft, chances are they have heard about Minecraft plugins.

We’ll show them how to make their own plugins, from building  mini-games to custom blocks, items and mobs, we cover over 100 fun topics about the game while teaching them a real-world valuable skillset.

Designed By Teachers

Our courses were designed by teachers and educational specialists. We’ve custom-built our learning portal to remove distractions and focus on your child’s learning.


Your child will engage in fun challenges, earn points and unlock new content weekly.

24/7 Support

Your child is supported by team MineAcademy available 7 days a week, not AI or robots.


Curriculum-based learning, with hands-on exercises targeting key computing skills

Engaging, Visual Learning

Explore some of our library containing 100+ hours of content
Name Tags
Display Entities
Animal Animations
Custom Mobs
New Mechanics
Menu Design
New Environments
Flying Wings
New Dimensions
Custom Items & Blocks
Custom Structures
Custom Enchants

Quality, Trust, Results

We’ve been teaching coding and publishing our own software since 2013. We’re an industry-leading educational platform, and our students speak for themselves.
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