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We believe that by teaching server owners how to make their servers a better place we can revolutionize the way people play and look at Minecraft.

Minecraft has changed. Will you evolve or die?

The problem we see today is that peoples’ servers and plugins can’t do what they want them to do. Thousands of people dream about starting and growing their own Minecraft server, only to find themselves stuck and frustrated. The plugins on the marketplace are limited with updates often breaking things to the point where a server is forced to stay on an older Minecraft version.

With the arrival of big networks many small servers had to close their doors as they no longer could experience the player-base they were once used to. Mature players have grown up and left Minecraft to pursue their professional carriers, while new, younger people are coming into the game.

At the point of writing this article there is no united place for people to educate themselves how to build and run successful servers. That is why we created MineAcademy.

Our mission is to release the world’s best courses for building and running highly successful Minecraft server. Our vision is an idea to reality, to create the most amazing Minecraft server experience ever, on your terms.

There are twelve company’s principles that guide us to make decisions.

1. Customer First

What is best for customer is best for us.

2. Product-Market Fit

Sell specific solutions for specific problems people want the most.

3. Great Is Not Good Enough

Provide the world’s best education to people.

4. Top Of The Wheel

Become the creator and allow others to create.

5. Scalable

Create products scalable to a world-class level.

6. Authenticity

All claims must be genuine, tested and authentic.

7. Honesty

Full transparency and clear communication.

8. Laser Focus

Everything else is a distraction and must be skipped.

9. Persevere

Finish what you started despite difficulty and delay.

10. Long-Term Thinking

Delay gratification in favor of long-term results.

11. Scientific Method

Measure and reason beyond emotion and feeling.

12. Reflect

Question everything and reflect on your actions.