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Technology is the greatest equalizer. It is the most important skill set anyone can have in the 21st century. If kids were able to learn it, so will we. And the best way to learn technology is by play.

The problem we see today is that our society is becoming a passive consumer of technology. Few individuals control the rapid technology growth while most people passively consuming it without understanding how it works, and how to influence it.

Our vision is an idea to reality, moving future generations from being passive consumers to active creators by giving them the tools and knowledge they need to create anything they desire. 

We believe that, technology is the greatest equalizer and the easiest opportunity for us to start creating. We also believe that the best way to teach technology should be fun and lightheaded, and that Minecraft is the best videogame to teach technology with.

Our mission is to release world’s best courses that will show people how easy it is to create anything they desire. To teach people how to build and run amazing Minecraft plugins and servers, and create companies and projects way beyond just Minecraft, on their own terms.

There are twelve company’s principles that guide us while making decisions.

1. Customer First

What's best for the customer is best for us.

2. Product-Market Fit

To succeed, solve problems people want solved.

3. Flywheel

Reward people for self-realizing their full potential.

4. Honesty

All claims must be genuine, tested and authentic. Communicate honestly and clearly.

5. Laser Focus

Everything else is a distraction and must be skipped.

6. Persevere

Finish what you started despite difficulty and delay.

7. Reflect

Question everything and reflect on your actions.

8. Simplicity

Genius is making complex ideas simple.

9. Remove Friction

Happy customers demand no customer tickets.

10. Common sense

Figure it out, take initiative, think for yourself.