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I believe this course is for anyone looking to learn Java besides Minecraft Plugin Development. Get through the "Boring / Learning stuff" to get to the juicy stuff. Take your time and ACTUALLY learn it and you will get your moneys worth. Learn Minigames, Bungee and so fourth. Anything you want to learn ab... (Read More)
It has been quite awhile since ive used this but from what i remember the starting videos were very well done and thorough but I never got that far into the course because of motivation issues
Before using Project Orion, I'd never had the opportunity to follow a systematical tutorial, so Project Orion helped me to build a solid understanding from the ground up. The program also teaches you how things happen underneath the hood, therefore everybody can use it even if they're an experienced devel... (Read More)
My friend turned me on to Project Orion after he went through the course. Before using the course, I had a very basic understanding of Java. After the course, I feel way more confident while not just creating minecraft plugins but other Java projects. I suggest mineacademy to anyone looking to get into Mi... (Read More)
Hello my name is Alex i joined this project long time ago, i was afraid to join at the beggining because i was thinking i can't learn to code, it seemed too difficult for me, i have overcome my fear and i joined this beatiful project. It's very detailed and complete to learn you need some time at the begg... (Read More)
A comprehensive course with a lot of advice, tools, and tricks from an experienced Spigot developer; it saved me a lot of time developing and testing custom plugins to a high standard.
When i first started my server I did what most do and used plugins I found on Spigot, I mismatched them and cobbled everything together with sticks and duck tape. After we released and gained a player base I soon found that this solution was not viable. The lag it caused and the confusion with many plugin... (Read More)
My first time doing project orion was over 2 years ago. I struggled to really get into it, but the knowledge and material was easy to follow and helpful. I'm hoping upon doing 2.0 I will be able to get into it and learn what I need to.