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Project Orion has provided me with the knowledge and tools necessary to be able to pursue my dreams of running my own Minecraft Network. I highly recommend the program for it's ease of use and being able to explain things in a way that's easy for anyone to understand. Get Project Orion if you're having tr... (Read More)
In the past I have been learning Java and Minecraft plugin development through YouTube tutorials, Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, Coursera courses but none of them are as efficient and organized as Project Orion. Matej has also included useful life advice in terms of achieving goals as well as great tips and tr... (Read More)
Very helpful course. Lots of people run servers but find it difficult to improve the quality of their server and increase the playerbase because they do not know how to do so independantly without outside help from hired developers (who can be expensive and unreliable) and so get stuck or give up. This co... (Read More)
Project Orion is the perfect course for people who want to take a lot of time to master plugin development. Sure you have to use the foundation library and some features of it are not the way you like it but after the course you will have enough knowledge to just code that feature yourself. I would defini... (Read More)
Bello, I would tell anyone that this course can change your life if you decide it. The system is only a tool to help you, but you can create stuff you never imagined with practice. If you are unsure about buying the course, ask someone who has it or read the reviews, I can say that it will help you decid... (Read More)
It was an excellent course that provided a solid introduction to the language of Java, and then built upon that knowledge nicely by applying it within the context of building Minecraft add-ons. I believe the course is an excellent choice especially for kids aspiring to pursue a career in Computer Science ... (Read More)
I started this program with zero experience. They where very good at teaching coding in a way i could understand. The instructors where very helpful and the content was great! Couldnt have expected more. The learning platform was also well developed and maintained. All around it was a great experience. I ... (Read More)
Coding courses have never worked for me. I would end up watching the whole course, but feel like I learned next to nothing at the end. This includes YouTube videos, Udemy courses, ect. Project Orion does a really amazing job at teaching. The lessons are both easy to understand, as well as interactive and ... (Read More)