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4.6 Stars

Project Orion™ is the world’s most advanced Java training program designed around creating Minecraft plugins.
Before following the course, I found it difficult to make plugins for Minecraft as I had limited knowledge of Java and the Bukkit/Spigot/Paper API. However, even though I didn't follow the full course due to personal reasons, the portion of the course I did take was well-structured and easy to follow. It ... (Read More)
PO has given me confidence in understanding the complexitites of minecraft plugins and java integrations. though i'm not ready to share my plugins at this time, I can happily say my want of a "kingdom simulator" has come even closer to being true, my sincerest thanks to MineAcademy!
You can definitely see Matej put effort in these courses. His motivational and transformational videos, are the ones that stuck with me the most. If you want to achieve something. you have to put the effort in. He tells this really clearly. He helps you to see flaws, that are in place, the habits you have... (Read More)
I believe Project Orion (and the other courses Java Masterclass and NMS Advanced offered by Matej) have been the best technology courses I purchased myself. I wound up receiving more education than I originally bargained for, which has brought real results in the work I've done personally with coding and ... (Read More)
Project Orion was an extremely new experience for me. Usually, when dealing with courses you get vague instructions and are only taught to create projects in specific contexts (versions). Project Orion has taught me a lot about spigot and programming in general, the support is great and much better than a... (Read More)
Project Orion is a great program for getting started to learn Java and how to make your own Minecraft plugins. The program starts from scratch and builds your knowledge to the point that you can create your own plugins on your own. Other courses require you to already know Java, but Project Orion starts f... (Read More)
This was an amazing course to take over the last couple of years. My main issue with learning how to code wasn't the code or syntax, but understanding the concepts behind object oriented programming. Taking this course created a huge learning curve for me, and allowed me to advance my knowledge in Spigot ... (Read More)
My experience with this program is 0 to hero. I have learnt so much that is going to help with future plugins I want to make, I have even started making money from this. For anyone looking to learn how to use java, this is your 1st stop!
- I learned about mobs' behaviors and how they work. - I made a small feature where a Creeper turns Powered when right-clicked. Also, if the Creepers is climbing then the fuse ticks are shorter than normal. I also made it so the Creeper doesn't burn when a lightning bolt strikes on him. I named the plugin... (Read More)