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About CoreArena

4.7 Stars

Get big network minigame experience to your server and magnetize players.
I have had the plugin since 2017, this is what every server needs for more fun, everything you can do with it is incredible, it gives a lot of laughs and hours of fun to your players
Very happy to see all of my fav plugins see on mc-market they were getting regular updates on other platform anyway but now they got even better with new features and improvements... Ty
PLEASE UPDATE TO 1.17.1!!!!!!!!!!!!! A large part of my server is about Core Arena...and Not having it it a huge bummer! It would be realyyyyyyy awesome if you could.
Plugin works very fine for me for such a long time! Please keep updating this awesome plugin. As a server owner youll lose the fun of playing very fast but playing mobarena will never stop making fun with that plugin. But i have one suggestion: Can you please add stats like highest wave and highest kill c... (Read More)
Love the plugin, the developer is very dedicated to his craft, and to his plugins. The Mob Arena plugin is one of the best out there, I think if you're on the fence on it, you should definitely consider supporting this dev, they definitely deserve it. Thought one fair suggestion I may add is the possibil... (Read More)
This is a truly amazing plugin with soo much potential. The developer is also amazing and does a great job of replying to questions and improving the plugins. I highly recommend this plugin to all server owners wanting something fun and truly unique for their players to play. I have been using CoreArena f... (Read More)
Incredibly unreliable, plugin flat out doesn't work, all dependencies are downloaded, i paid good money for this plugin so i expect it to work and to have good support, but one on one support is impossible to find so if you have a question it will always go unanswered. Do not buy this plugin.
After years of excellent content for our community, we were very worried seeing the plugin may discontinue. After speaking with the plugin creator, he reconsidered, listening to other community owners who had fallen in love with CoreArena. Thank you to everyone who voted! It warms my heart to see this res... (Read More)
First of all: This is the TOP NOTCH MobArena plugin out there. There is no other plugin that comes not even 10% close to CoreArena. All the features included makes it an unbelievable experience that will shock your players for sure! Secondly: The deeply and extremely active development is finally back! Ha... (Read More)