How to use Mojang mappings for your Minecraft plugin with Maven. Works for Bukkit, Spigot or Paper Minecraft plugins.

I’ll explain what mappings are, and what is the difference between Spigot and Mojang mappings really. You’ll understand how to get a remapped Spigot jar and hook it with your plugin, then I’ll give you a remapping script to compile your plugin after you are done coding it so it will work on any server.

In this episode, we’re going to cover:

  • What are Mojang mappings — And the difference between obfuscated names, Spigot mappings and Mojang mappings.
  • Using BuildTools — Getting remapping Spigot jar with Mojang mappings using a special argument with BuildTools.
  • Compiling your remapped plugin — How to remap your plugin back from using Mojang into Spigot mappings (for legal reasons) when compiling it automatically.
  • Project: Mob AI — Creating a Snowman mob using customized pathfinders using Mojang mappings

Source Codes:

  • N/A — The custom mob AI code in the video comes from the premium plugin Winter. Just follow the video and you should be able to reproduce the code on any MC version.

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