Decipher packets in Minecraft to change any game feature to your liking. Packets are the deepest layer handling everything you see on the screen, so by knowing how you can manipulate them, nothing can stop you.

We will be using ProtocolLib as it is the BEST and EASIEST way to get started with packet interception and, I’ll also show you how to spawn custom packets!

In this episode, we’re going to cover:

  • Packets explained — What are packets. Why we have them. How they originate from and how they work. When one player sees a packet and others won’t?
  • Clientside and serverside packets — The two origins of packets.
  • Handshake, status, login and play packets — The different types of packet communication.
  • Listening to packets — Using ProtocolLib to listen for ANY incoming or outgoing packet.
  • Canceling packets — How to stop and filter packets BEFORE the server calls events and notifies other plugins.
  • Sending custom packets — How to send custom packets (big networks use it to spawn custom NPCs, entities, holograms, maps per-player etc.) with an example – fake explosion and throwback!

Source Codes:

Links mentioned:

  • List Of All Packets — A fan site deciphering the Minecraft protocol and listing all packets, and more.
  • ProtocolLib — The GitHub link for ProtocolLib with Maven repository and examples.


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