After almost a year of having 4 of our plugins on maintenance, we’re back to developing and publishing. We’ve decided to go and publish plugins on MC-Market to begin with. We’ve very pleased with the experience on their site and we recommend plugin authors to consider migrating there as well.

I am thankful for all feedback, including criticism we received for a number of mistakes which would otherwise go unnoticed, but more on that below.

It is thanks to our wonderful community that we’ve decided to continued this plugins. Our mission with is to help the younger generation attain valuable technogical skill so that instead of becoming a technology consumer, they will stand at the forefront at innovation and activelly help build a happier, brighter society.



Free Upgrades And Supporting Small Servers

News 1 – Free upgrades offered to all Spigot buyers!

Last year, we offered a paid upgrade to existing customers of ChatControl Pro to a completely rewritten new generation of that plugin. Having discussed the matters with our community members, we acknowledge this was not the step in the right direction, and I took action.

Everyone that purchased our plugins on Spigot, contributed (made a translation, helped on GitHub etc.) or tested our plugins can get a free, lifetime upgrade to access them on MC-Market. Simply fill out the form at the following sites for your plugin(s):

News 2 – Supporting small server owners!

We’ve reduced the price of our plugins to a permanent 33% sale to make them more affordable.

Also, if you still can’t afford our plugins, share us your story by filling the form using the links above and we may support you. We love small server owners and want to give back to the community to give them a chance to grow!

None of this would be possible without our wonderful team. These people are working every day to keep us in check, and some of them have been involved with us for many years now. Big thanks to Bananaa#1471, TheIntolerant#0001, Xverion#6612 and cobrex#0001, our Discord moderators.

PS: You should come join our Discord now, it’s opened!

Reminder – 30-day no questions asked refund policy

We’ve so confident that our plugins will help you and your server that we’re offering a 30-day unconditional refund policy. That means that, if you purchase ChatControl, Boss, Confiscate, CoreArena or Winter, you have a full month to try them.

And if you’re unhappy simply contact us and we’ll give you a prompt refund. The only caveact is that you won’t be able to repurchase them again to protect ourselves from scammers.


Discontinuing ChatControl Pro

Because every ChatControl Pro customer can get a free upgrade to ChatControl Red, we want to save extra work to focus on new, upcoming projects, and thus decided to slowly phase out ChatControl Pro.

Migration to ChatControl Red is fast and easy. There’s an automatic migration command, and tutorials on our ChatControl Red Wiki.

Free migration assistance: If you’re running ChatControl Pro with a complex setup, you can contact us for personalized migration assistance (for free), or, remain on ChatControl Pro until December 31, 2021, report issues you need fixed, and we’ll fix them throughout 2021.

Full support throughout 2021: Minecraft 1.18 support and important bug fixes will get delivered until the end of this year so that you have plenty of time to migrate.


New Training Classes Coming This Year

I’m also announcing to have begun reworking all of our training programs. The videos will be shorter, there will be more interactive materials, and most importantly, thanks to over 120 student I spoke with, the 3.0 version of our training will be more student-centered than ever and an amazing experience for everyone!

This is not an upgrade to our training, it will be a brand new program prepared from the bottom up.

Free upgrade: Existing students get a 100% free upgrade with lifetime access.