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Improve your Java skills, learn Minecraft plugin development and build unique Minecraft networks from the ground up.

Minecraft Coding
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One time payment. 30-day refund policy.
Minecraft Coding
One time payment. 30-day refund policy.
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⏰ Monthly subscription

Our monthly subscription provides access until the same time one calendar month later. The plan will automatically renew unless you cancel auto renewal.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Family plans

A Family membership includes 5 users instead of 1, perfect for households with more than one young programmer. 

Each user has their own unique login and coding progression. You are welcome to gift & share spare account slots to friends outside of your household.

💰 Refunds

We offer a 30 day refund policy from the day you start learning, which can be up to two months after your purchase the course. 

This gives you a chance to try out our product with a safety net. If you are unhappy with the training and you completed the bare minimum, email [email protected] and we’ll issue you a prompt and courteous refund.

⤴️ Upgrading

You can upgrade at any time to a different membership. You won’t be refunded for any previous purchases when you upgrade to a different membership length, but you will if you upgrade to Family or Bundle. 

So if you think the annual or lifetime memberships may be for you but are worried about your child not liking MineAcademy, remember we offer a 30-day refund policy on those memberships.

💪 Easy cancel

Cancelling your monthly or annual plan is easy and can be done from your account page in less than 30 seconds. 

There is no need to contact customer support. And yes, you can cancel auto-renewal at any time and your membership will still be accessible to the end of the period you paid for.

🎁 Gifts

Any membership can be sent as a gift after you purchase.

All memberships include
Looking for a gift?
No problem! You can send your gift after purchasing. We'll even extend our refund period to 30 days past redeeming.
We work on Minecraft Java Edition
Java Edition (Windows/Mac)
Bedrock Edition (Tablets/Consoles)

The code editor works in any modern web browser. You'll need a copy of Minecraft Java edition to be able to test your code. You can get Minecraft Java Edition on any Windows, Mac or Linux computer from here.

Frequently asked questions

In reality every child is unique, so our recommendation is for 8 years or older.

This is based on topics we use to teach, so if your child is already playing Minecraft that is a good indicator that they are ready.

Our coding courses are designed for complete beginners, but programming requires certain logical reasoning skills that develop with age.

With parental participation and a motivated child, you can certainly use MineAcademy from a younger age than we recommend.

Do remember we have a refund policy that you can use if things are not a fit.

We teach the Java programming language through video tutorials showing how to program mods and minigames for Minecraft.

All videos are interactive, working alongside your code editor. 

There are no set class times, allowing children to learn at their own schedule and pace.

The main MineAcademy’s team is based in Europe but our products can be used anywhere in the world, with our support team spanning several time zones. We are currently used in over 90 countries.

We have over 120 hours of content across our Minecraft course offerings, covering a wide range of coding concepts and difficulty levels.

You will need Minecraft Java edition to test the mods you code with MineAcademy.

You can purchase Minecraft from their official website. We support the main Java version of Minecraft, available on PC & Mac.

Absolutely, we have a team of teachers and Computer Scientists on our customer support team, ready to help if your child has any questions or requires assistance.

To get in touch with the team, please use the chat button in the bottom right hand corner or email [email protected]

Yes! We provide you step-by-step instructions on setting up a free Minecraft server on your computer.

There are no additional charges to pay (but you will need to purchase Minecraft separately).

I’m afraid MineAcademy isn’t supported on an iPad/ mobile device.

In fact you couldn’t code Java via a touch interface, you’ll need a keyboard in order to correctly learn programming.

Additionally Minecraft requires a Mac/ Windows computer in order to run their code.

We offer 30-day refunds policy for our annual and lifetime plans. If you are on a monthly subscription, you can cancel it at any time in your profile.

If for any reason you wish to return your purchase after going through the program, you are entitled to a full refund by emailing [email protected].

This gives you a chance to try out our product with a safety net in case MineAcademy is not a good fit for you.

More questions? Email [email protected]