Update: We’ve moved to MCMarket, please see this post for up-to-date information.

I spent the last couple of days rethinking about what we really want to do. It was shocking to see the over two dozens of people who’d reach out personally to give support or simply express their gratitude for talking about things that were not talked about for so long.

Over 120 people have supported us by purchasing our chat-management plugin ChatControl Red. Thank you.

In this post, I’d like to clarify a lot of questions we were getting and announce that pin out our new vision and mission to build a better, brighter tomorrow.

With that said, I am announcing the immediate availability of all of our plugins. We’ve decided to open-source and release most plugins free of charge, so that we’ll have more energy and focus to put into building our upcoming marketplace and improve our teaching classes and the remaining ChatControl Red.

Get all of our plugins: here

Frequent Questions

I’ve purchased ChatControl Pro, CoreArena, Boss, Winter or Confiscate, where can I get those?
Right now SpigotMC has blocked our account, we are not allowed to even edit the pages to point you in the right direction. Another proof for their terrible management.

We apology for the inconvenience and have already repurposed those plugins, visit this link for more information: https://mineacademy.org/plugins/. We’ll upgrade your license free of charge if you purchase them on Spigot

Are you planning up continue updating ChatControl Pro, CoreArena, Boss, Winter or Confiscate?
Yes. It’s frustrating to see your favorite plugin getting abandoned, especially those you have been using for years and are a crucial part of your server.

I wrote on Spigot that “we can’t guarantee updates after December”, because, as described on our previous post, we had severe issues with the forums. Please see https://mineacademy.org/plugins to get your plugins, we’ll upgrade your license free of charge if you purchase them on Spigot.

Do I have to pay for ChatControl Red when I purchased ChatControl Pro?
No. We made a step in the wrong direction when we asked existing members to pay an upgrade fee, which we acknowledge and apology for.

Anyone who purchased ChatControl on Spigot, contributed or tested the plugin can get a free upgrade here.

Our New Vision For A Brighter Tomorrow

In the next 18 months, we’re going to build a new place where everyone can sell their products of services, without the risks of getting scammed or getting their PayPal account banned. Both paid and free products will be welcome.

In today’s time of uncertainty, we believe everyone should gain back their long-term job security that was once promised but is broken, and replace their income by doing something they enjoy and love without working for their time. This is what I did for the last two years, and I know how life changing and transforming this can be.

We believe everyone should have the possibility to trade their talent or skills for money, from home, without the hassle of starting a business.