Is Project Orion better than Minecraft plugin tutorials on YouTube, Udemy, or SpigotMC articles?

Here’s a message from our founder, Matej:

The sad truth is, most people dreaming about their server 2.0 will never make it and new people that find about Minecraft soon leave and play Fortnite.

Ten years ago, I’ve tried learning to code Minecraft plugins “on my own” and, it costed me 3 years to just get started.

Back then, there were no programs like Project Orion, and I had to learn everything from questionable sources and decompiling plugins on my own.

Soon I discovered how painfully slow and frustrating it was.

Coding Minecraft plugins can take a long time when you are doing it on your own. YouTube tutorials or Udemy courses are often outdated, unsupported or teach poor coding standards which are hard to unlearn.

The problem with Minecraft plugin tutorials found free on YouTube, Udemy courses or articles is that they are painfully chaotic, disorganized, out-dated, unsupported and offer low coding standards with explanations that leave you wondering why the code actually does what it does.

What Project Orion does differently is it offers a proven system, a detailed and high-quality curriculum along with expert coaching on-demand. There’s step-by-step process you follow, get help with our instructors live, use the fill-in-the-blank templates to help you overcome beginner hurdles…. On top of that everything in MineAcademy organized and updated regularly.

One more thing…

Making a customized server seem like daunting task when waste so much time on the basics. That is driving me insane. That’s why I decided to look at all the stuff people loved in my premium plugins ChatControl, Boss, CoreArena and others, look at the similarities and patterns, and extract them into a simple, yet powerful library called Foundation.

It has been battle-proven and tested in all of my premium plugins for years, and thousands of people have used it to setup entire servers in days (what previously took weeks and months).

Finally I’m a huge believer in self-development and self-mastery, and I will show you how to get organized, disciplined and achieve greater results in the arenas of life you’ll set for yourself. There are honestly no courses in Minecraft let alone in computer programming with an empathy on self-mastery.

And you and I know that once you get stuck, frustrated or simply life happens it’s not just about coding… After speaking with lots of students I included self-mastery and self-development parts in our new courses.

All in all, MineAcademy’s Project Orion offers far more than YouTube tutorials or Udemy courses ever could. It helped people build networks of their dreams, land international IT jobs and even kickstart their entrepreneurial passions to develop software and sell it on their own.