Yesterday was a monumental day in the history of Minecraft, Bukkit, Spigot and everyone following this scene.

We released Project Orion, our first flag-ship course.

I feel dead tired. It’s time for a day off.

On the surface, things look fairly simple. The program helps people to become fully self-sufficient, build highly customized servers from the ground up and helps them transform their unique ideas into reality, to build amazing servers and code plugins far beyond comprehension.

What people don’t see however, is the hard work, the dedication, the waking up at 4am for 6 months straight and the relentless pursuit in making this happen no matter what.

This is what it really takes to win.

It appears to be that we live in a world of instant gratification. Majority of people expect amazing results overnight, and then adversity kicks in, they jump onto the next ‘shining’ opportunity that seems easy. Until the process repeats.

You don’t find us active on social media. I barely checked Facebook and haven’t done an Instagram or a Twitter post for over half a year. The truth is, if you want to achieve greatness you have to work deep and sacrifice things that aren’t that. Most people are afraid to admit it, they want to keep their Saturday’s night partying, binge watching Netflix or doing other things that pulls them away form their dreams and what they want to achieve.

The question is – Do you have what it takes?

We had over 500 students in our old program from last year. It absolutely blew my expectations. On the other hand, we had students who barely completed the first week. Some of them did not even signed up to the portal after the purchase. So how is it that some students were able to get massive success and thousands of downloads from their digital products they’ve learn to made while others barely opened the program?

This is something I was thinking a lot when making the new courses.

I want everyone to succeed. I believe in the people. From my experience, I was able to change from a shy, introverted boy living on a small island in Norway, to self-employed, independent, learned how to improve my dating life and build a business around what I love to do. What one man can do, another man can do. If I was able to do it, so are you.

That’s why I decided to do things differently this time.

Project Orion is not just a coding course. It is a life-altering course. You cannot simply become a master in programming if you can’t master your own emotions, discipline and work-ethic, and that’s why I decided to include lot of self-development and self-mastery stuff throughout the course.

This is something completely different and you won’t find this in a typical programming course. However, I believe it ‘takes change to change’ and especially if you get stuck or overwhelmed as a programmer, no matter how great is your idea or the code, you must master yourself first before you can master your own craft.

Thank you for everyone encouraging me throughout the last months, every word and praise was greatly appreciated and I would not be here and being where I am in life without my mentors, family, friends and everyone helping out on the road. So thank you!

In closing, I wish the best for our students and everyone wanting to join this wonderful adventure what Minecraft is. We’ll be opening free trials soon so everyone can get the program for free and be giving Week 1 completely free for anyone so even people who can’t afford the course will walk out with a completely new, fine-polished product! Looking forward to see you crush it!

Get Project Orion here!