This video explains how to add custom mob pathfinders and AI to your Minecraft plugins. We’ll be diving into NMS and using Mojang Mappings to add custom mob navigation.

In this episode, we’re going to cover:

  • Custom mob behavior — How to make a plugin utilizing custom mob pathfinders and AI. Example: Aggressive animals, pets, passive zombies, anything

Source Codes:


Learn To Use NMS In Minecraft Plugins (Spigot or Mojang Mappings)

NMS is one of the most confusing and complicated concepts in Minecraft.

There’s barely any resources for learning NMS, and the vast majority of those online are painfully outdated, disorganized or lacking.

We’ve created a complete class on learning NMS and OBC called NMS Advanced. It contains 7 weeks of lessons on custom pathfinders & AI, particles, animations, packets, NBT tags and so much more, including Spigot AND Mojang mappings tutorial for any Minecraft version.

You’ll get 2x/weekly 1:1 calls to review your code and get your questions answered, plus a 1,900+ community on Discord and our private portal, covered by 30-day guarantee. Click here to learn more!