This video shows the Bukkit and BungeeCord plugin messaging channel. This channel lets plugins to communicate with the BungeeCord server and all servers connected to it.

Originally, plugin messaging was implemented so plugins could send any data to the client.

This solved a problem where, if the server used a custom plugin sending a packet which the player’s client could not recognize, the player would get kicked out with an incomprehensive error message.

To fix, Mojang introduced the “Plugin Message Packet”. BungeeCord added many predefined values into this channel to perform actions on the network when a packet is sent from a Paper server upstream.

In this video, I’ll explain how to take full advantage of this channel, including how to send messages containing your own data.

In this episode, we’re going to cover:

  • Plugin messaging channel — What is the plugin messaging channel and the anatomy of its packet.
  • Composing a byte array — How to use the byte array to send any data through plugin messaging upstream (Paper to Bungee) and downstream (Bungee to Paper).
  • Sending predefind vs custom data — Utilizing Bungee packet commands (i.e. send player from server A to B) and using your own data to communicate between network servers.

Source Codes:


  • Plugin messaging channel — An extensive documentation of all default plugin messages you can send to BungeeCord from Paper, and vice versa.


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