Make guns in Minecraft (without mods or data packs)! I’ll show you how to create a laser pointer gun using vectors and particles that will explode target blocks.

This is really cool if you combine this with my previous video where I taught you how to create a custom recipe to make the laser pointer.

In this episode, we’re going to cover:

  • Making guns — How to create working guns in Minecraft WITHOUT mods, data packs, not even resource packs!
  • Vectors — How to manipulate vectors to spawn a laser beam in the direction where player is looking.
  • Particles — Spawning particles with custom color and size.
  • Ray tracing — How to find blocks in the distance using Bukkit’s ray tracing feature.

Source Codes:


  • Custom recipes tutorial — The previous video where we created the Laser Pointer item (recommended you watch this first).


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