Recently, we’ve researched successful Minecraft networks as to what top Minecraft plugins each of them use. 

And after analyzing the results we’ve prepared an outline of the best Minecraft plugins you should consider if you want to take your network to the next level.

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Best Places To Get Plugins

A big part of the community grabbed most of their plugins from (And you probably guessed it) SpigotMC

For most, this has always been the home of top Minecraft plugins, as this is also the server software for most. So not surprising that Spigot reached the top there. 

The second one on the list was the ever growing BuiltByBit! Formerly called MC-Market as a forum, and now a resource marketplace. 

More devs eventually moving there as their market keeps growing, its massive freelancer outreach also accommodates commissions for plugin developers, system admins and the like.

For the third one, most people have chosen Polymart as the place they get their plugins. 

Whether you’re a server owner, plugin developer, setup designer, resource pack artist, building master, or just a Minecraft enthusiast, Polymart tries to put you first. It has some of the best developer API, supports anti-piracy, offers Discord integration, revenue sharing, beta testing, teams and more. 

The Core Plugin To Manage Your Server

You could probably guess this yourself, but most people have chosen EssentialsX! A plugin known by just about every server owner, containing every command you could possibly need for your server. From simple bans, mutes and chat plus spawn management, its own economy system and several more commands to manage your server. 

Most servers tend to default with this free plugin due to it’s simplicity and ease of use. 

As the second, CMI (Content Management Interface) came in next. A plugin with just about everything that was known for a plugin to need. Having everything built into itself instead of relying on other plugins (Excluding Vault and really essential libraries that allow for cross plugin communication). 

Having its own Economy system, over 290+ commands, a full armorstand manipulation system, tablist management, world scanner, ability to modify the inventory of offline players, and a ton of more features that would make this blog post waaaay to long.

The biggest drawback however, is having tons of “features” slowing down your server, so the most successful networks code their own Essentials or CMI instead (we’ll show how at the bottom).

Punishment Plugins

Even though most people could use Essentials for their punishment management, it scored 4th. 

As a most voted response, LiteBans was the most chosen plugin for managing punishments (Warns, mutes, bans, kicks etc). With comprehensive features for managing punishments such as warns, mutes, bans, and kicks. 

Its warning system allows server staff to document player infractions and track behavior, while its efficient commands make it easy to apply disciplinary actions. The plugin’s logging capabilities ensure transparent and accountable punishment enforcement, with detailed logs capturing timestamps, reasons, and staff members involved. LiteBans is able to seamlessly integrates with other plugins and supports various server platforms, making it a top choice for maintaining server discipline and promoting a positive gaming environment.

CMI, securing its position as the second most voted punishment management plugin, stands out with its comprehensive features designed to enforce disciplinary actions effectively on Minecraft servers. 

CMI offers advanced tracking and logging capabilities, providing administrators with detailed records of past punishments and invaluable insights into player behavior.

The third spot was awarded to AdvancedBans (Supportive GUI Plugin). With its extensive customization options, AdvancedBans provides server administrators with a powerful tool for maintaining order and promoting fair gameplay. 

What sets AdvancedBans apart is that it offers all these functionalities for free, making it an attractive choice compared to other alternatives in the market.

Chat Management & Filtering

A plugin that has been in the Minecraft community since 2013, and since improving to a point where it’s able to replace over 30+ plugins. Its name is ChatControl. 

In comparison to the other plugins, ChatControl might require more time to undertand, but when you start working with the rules system, the plugin becomes almost indispensable. It offers full Bungee and Discord support, channel system, integrates with almost anything and has amazing customization options for chat and filtering.  

Next in line is EssentialsChat! A quick and easy way to control the format of your chat. It has a few features that complement it’s own chat management features within the plugin and improves upon it. 

And on the third place, we have VentureChat it’s the quickest chat resource on Spigot which is a do-it-all chat plugin, from chat-format to customisable channels, you can accomplish this all with VentureChat. Unlike competing plugins such as HeroChat Pro and EssentialsX, you can customise to your liking for free and with ease. 

User Authorization

An important plugin almost every server should use, is some sort of permission manager. 

This one will only have a single listed plugin, as this is the only one people would realistically recommend nowadays. You might already know it, the plugin is LuckPerms

Without a doubt, LuckPerms is one of the most extensive permission plugins to date, able to manage the permissions of your server, properly parent/group them and has the flat out most support for just about every platform you might want to use it on

Advanced control over the permissions, in what cases someone gets access to a permission and so on.


As it turns out, many networks no longer rely on a claims plugin. Such as minigame networks do not need this feature, or use a skyblock-like management for their permanent games. 

GriefPrevention was the most voted-for option however, and 3 different plugins taking the lead on the 3rd place: Factions, Lands and Towny

All plugins essentially have their own control over chunks and have a unique way to implement a fair way of controlling them. Just make sure no-one touches your yard and steps on your crops!

Resource And Data Packs

This in an interesting one, most servers have not implemented this due to their server version, issues with updating, experience or other limitations that prevented them from using a resource pack plugin. 

On the first place though, is the plugin ItemsAdder. Due to more support from the community and its easy to use interface. People tend to go for ItemsAdder quicker then the other. 

Oraxen is the next plugin, with a massive features list, but missing the community to support it. It exists, but has a massive learning curve with the config and file structure. However, both plugins provide great support and listen to their community for updates.  

Discord Link

For Discord link management, there is not really a point in looking further then DiscordSRV

It’s an open source, community supported and developed plugin for Discord to Minecraft link management with an extensive API and support from its maintainers. 


Cheating in Minecraft is a common problem, and it’s not surprising that many servers have implemented various plugins to deter cheaters. 

Among the so many solutions out there, the most widely chosen anti-cheat plugin is Spartan. Spartan stands out for its comprehensive cloud service, alt account detector, and hacker database. With its user-friendly GUI interface, it is easy for server administrators to manage and control everything connected to the plugin. 

Following closely behind Spartan for the second most voted anti-cheat plugin is Vulcan Anti-Cheat, which also offers an advanced cheat detection system. Like Spartan, Vulcan Anti-Cheat boasts a detailed GUI, which makes it easy for server teams to use and manage.

Inventory Rollback

Most servers have told us they don’t use a plugin like this. However, for the servers that do, they have gotten Inventory Rollback Plus. It allows players to restore their inventories after events like death, lag, or griefing. 

The plugin backs up inventories when players die, join, leave, change worlds, or when manually requested by staff. It saves inventory, enderchest, location, health, hunger, and XP. 

Users with the required permission can use the command “/ir restore <name>” to open a rollback menu and choose which backup to restore. Default settings save 50 deaths, 10 joins, 10 leaves, and 10 world changes, but these values can be adjusted in the configuration file.

On the third place, we have Confiscate! A plugin to check inventory spaces and control/restore/confiscate the items that possibly violate the limits set by the server, or to prevent abuse from an server admin, exploiters, dupers or other possible server threats.

Anti-Grief And Logging

As one of the most interesting categories, and one we certainly can’t forget are the anti-grief plugins. And no other plugin does it better then CoreProtect

It’s a fast, efficient, data logging and anti-griefing tool. Rollbacking and restoring any amount of damage. 

Designed with large servers in mind, it’ll record and your players creations without impacting your server performance.

The Best Networks Make Their Own Plugins

If you truly desire to take your server to its maximum potential, you need to develop custom solutions for it.

Best Minecraft networks follow a proven development process without outdated and disorganized YouTube tutorials. That’s why we made Project Orion.

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