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ChatControl Review By Sikatsu

ChatControl Review By Sikatsu


I miss the old ChatControl Pro.

Yes, the plugin works for the biggest part, but I made several github issues regarding bugs I encountered. Most of them didn’t get solved and I’m not sure as of why. Perhaps the (new?) developers didn’t understand my issue, even though I think I was clear. Could be the case, but that isn’t the main problem here.

For example the [item] feature, to show an item within the chat. First, it was promised to be added somewhere in December/January. At the end of January, I got told it isn’t possible and it will require a full recode of ChatControl. Later I was told that it will be added in a few updates, the same reply all of my other requests received too. I’m not sure what a ”few” updates means, but I feel like it’s just being shifted away.

Recently the PM commands were ”enhanced”, I don’t know why it was neccesary, but if it is, it wasn’t properly tested. My messages are SOMETIMES being sent before I even clicked enter. It seems more users of this plugin have the same issue. Not only that, but my console often shows errors ever since.

I’m not going to list everything here, as that’s what I have done on the github already. However, it seems ever since the original developer (kangarko) moved his focus more onto the coding courses, this plugin became worse.

As I said, it’s not a bad or not functional plugin, but it could use some more love liked it used to have before.

What Is ChatControl?

ChatControl is a Minecraft plugin that’ll help you format & filter your chat, fight spam, ads, swears or even bots on your server.