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ChatControl Review By TNTUP

ChatControl Review By TNTUP


Great plugin while it lasts. I’m stuck on 8.8.20 because the dev deprecated the Bungee_chat mode in settings.yml as I never wanted to use Channels option at all when I bought this plugin.

I tried messing with the settings but I couldn’t due to time constraints while in maintenance mode for my server so I hope this version I’m stuck won’t break in 1.17 or newer or else I’d return with DeluxeChat but even that one seems not updated anymore so I guess I’m stuck with CC Pro 8.8.20.

Even worse, CC Pro v9 will remove it so I would need to find a solution to make my formatting work again but none worked.

What Is ChatControl?

ChatControl is a Minecraft plugin that’ll help you format & filter your chat, fight spam, ads, swears or even bots on your server.