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Boss Review By LePtitYosh

Boss Review By LePtitYosh


I am using this Plugin For about 5months now. And I have to say Its almost perfect for custom mobs, you can create almost everything you want!

The author is making frequant update to fix bug we found so we can allways use the plugin at it full potential! Who can hate that fact!

But… there is 2 mobs : Bats/ Squids.. Poor them ! We can’t create bosses with them ! Bats could give us so much possibilities !
But for squid.. I understand … Its useless but its can be a good joke lol

Well.. A big 9.5/10 for me! (We need Bats Bosses!)

Ps: Im a French Canadian Sorry if my english is not perfect :x

What Is Boss?

The easiest way to bring custom monsters to your server (without scripting).