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Boss Review By WolfyBoy26

Boss Review By WolfyBoy26


Normally i don’t spend too much time on reviews, but it is warranted here. This was and still is a great resource. If you’re looking at buying this, i would recommend doing so. Now yes this plugin may have some current issues, but this is common with all plugins on this platform and they seem to be quite negligible. Kangarko is fantastic at what he does, and this resource is worth the Premium price tag like many of his other resources. Secondly, you may see a few reviews complaining about a lack of support, this is entirely untrue. Yes support is a bit more complicated than joining a Discord server and putting a message in a general chat, but this doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. They have a great ticket support system over on Github so check it out for yourself if you don’t believe me. In concluding, this is an Awesome resource much like the rest of this author’s. 10/10 would buy again. <3

What Is Boss?

The easiest way to bring custom monsters to your server (without scripting).