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Boss Review By virgili0

Boss Review By virgili0


Overall good plugin.
A little over rated in the description.
I recommend this for those who are looking for something simple and easy to use.

As It as right now it’s not comparable to mythic mobs as for customization. I’d say this plugin comes in handy because of it’s easy to use GUI.

(Needs more features!) (new skills, skills configuration: skill triggers, amounts, for skills like minions, etc… particles maybe?

I also would recommend adding triggers to the potions effects so like if I want my boss to heal or to move faster and deal more damage when his hp are low or under any other certain circumstance then I can do it.

Sorry if I wrote to much.. didn’t mean to be to critical. I know right now you are fixing sounds…
I think there can be much improvement, good luck.

Last thing, I read you can make your own skills with an API. Is it something that anyone can do? Any coding skills needed? How does it work?

What Is Boss?

The easiest way to bring custom monsters to your server (without scripting).