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Boss Review By wolfling_

Boss Review By wolfling_


Going to review this again because when i first reviewed the plugin i didn’t understand spawning much, and i took like a 6 month break from minecraft since then.


This plugin is AMAZING. I use it to make certain mobs like charged creepers spawn naturally in my world and it works perfectly. I love that you can set specific biomes so that, for example, i can make snowmen only spawn in cold biomes.

It did take me a bit to realize that if i want to use biome spawning i should set the world spawning to 100% though.

I also would like it if i could give a under 1% spawn chance. Like 0.50%.

One bug i noticed is that when configuring multiple slime bosses, they seem to glitch out and take the options from the other slime bosses.

For example, i have 3 slime bosses. Size 1, 2, and 4.

Sometimes the size 1 one randomly becomes size 4 while i am editing the other slimes. No idea why this happens but it happens a lot.

Other than that, this plugin is perfect and i highly recommend it! :)

What Is Boss?

The easiest way to bring custom monsters to your server (without scripting).