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Boss Review By playpo

Boss Review By playpo


I am currently using a Korean user or a spigot 1.15.2 server. Not available in Spigot. This is because the installation of the important Bosspawner will cause errors and prevent installation.

ingame ERROR Message : Boss spawners require paper server software, as spigot does not saves spawner data currently. upgrade for free at www.papermc.io

The above error occurred and tested with paper buckkit, and the paper buckkit works as normal.
There is no explanation for the use of paper buckkit only.
I’m disappointed because I can’t write 1.15 in Tested Minicraft Versions.
If you can use it in spigot 1.15.2, I will be careful and get five points.

What Is Boss?

The easiest way to bring custom monsters to your server (without scripting).