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Boss Review By Ergenta

Boss Review By Ergenta


Although the plugin works and functions properly, the part where it falls in third party support. I’ve asked the developer countless times and suggested numerous times to allow a dev api for external support. nearly 2 years later this has yet to happen. The dev, despite being very competent and attentive, refuses to allow ease of third party support.

Allowing ease of third party support would not only make your customers happy, it would also raise the sales as it would function as free marketing

On the other hand, Mythicmobs is free, far more customizable, and supported by tons of plugins. I can’t recommend this and would suggest Mythicmobs as that’s by far superior in nearly every aspect.

If I had to recommend which plugin to invest time and money into for a boss plugin, Mythicmobs would be my pick 9/10 times

I understand you’ve recently had some internal dev issues with your other plugins. That has been factored into this rating

What Is Boss?

The easiest way to bring custom monsters to your server (without scripting).