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Project Orion Review By Wade Chambliss

Project Orion Review By Wade Chambliss


I just wanted to start this review by thanking Matej for all his hard work creating MineAcademy to the current standard it is now. He has rewritten Project Orion 3 times and that takes hard work and dedication!

Before finding Project Orion the way I created Minecraft plugins was long and time-consuming. After watching the videos from the course I was able to create the same plugins in a fraction of the time. So this course has changed how I code plugins for the better! So I thank you again!

The course is broken down into weeks and each week builds on the last whilst explaining everything in a clear and precise manner. Also, Matej is just being himself and you can tell he is just a guy trying to spread his joy and love for coding to the world.

Project Orion is just the best course for learning to develop Minecraft plugins, 11/10 Course!

What Is Project Orion?

Project Orion™ is a Minecraft plugin training for Bukkit, Spigot and Paper.