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Project Orion Review By Santiago .

Project Orion Review By Santiago .


The course itself is very good, it teaches how to do things natively without Foundation and also teaches how to use Foundation to speed up some parts of the code.

Regarding Foundation I think it is a really good library that allows us to reduce a lot the code we write. However, I think that using it or not depends on the occasion, and that for some projects it is probably better not to use it and write the classes from 0 to have more flexibility.

I had to write to Matej a few times to ask him questions, and I really think this is one of the most valuable things, his answers were very fast and he took the dedication to answer my message in a way that always left me satisfied, really all the answers were very complete.

Finally, the editing and audio quality of the videos is very good. MineAcademy platform also worked flawlessly in the time I used it.

What Is Project Orion?

Project Orion™ is a Minecraft plugin training for Bukkit, Spigot and Paper.