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Project Orion Review By Richard Simpson (Magnum97)


Project Orion has helped me improve my Java skills and I get to make plugins for a game that I love. My kids got me into Minecraft and now I can make things just for them (example: ). Minecraft turned from a game I played with my kids and wife into a job. I maintained custom plugins for a server for a couple years. One of my kids also wants to learn to code for Minecraft – I want to start him early and probably will use Project Orion to help with that. I was skeptical spending money on a Minecraft coding course but it was well worth what I paid for it! I highly recommend Project Orion to anyone wanting to learn coding for Minecraft, if you know some Java or know nothing about it at all.

What Is Project Orion?

Project Orion™ is the world’s most advanced Java training program designed around creating Minecraft plugins.