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Project Orion Review By Ewan Rushmere

Project Orion Review By Ewan Rushmere


Very helpful course. Lots of people run servers but find it difficult to improve the quality of their server and increase the playerbase because they do not know how to do so independantly without outside help from hired developers (who can be expensive and unreliable) and so get stuck or give up. This course is a great way to build independance in expanding your server/improving your ability to create plugins by yourself and not solely rely on others. I do not believe that there is another course out there with such informative and easy-to-understand information like this one, specialised for people who wish to understand how to develop spigot plugins and/or their own minecraft server.

What Is Project Orion?

Project Orion™ is the world’s most advanced Java training program designed around creating Minecraft plugins.