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Project Orion Review By Michael Micke

Project Orion Review By Michael Micke


You learn some java knowledge, is not much before you jump into Orion course and start to make a Minecraft plugin, what can go wrong?

Yeah, apparently a lot. When you have never coded before and I go through all java master class videos, it is not enough to jump on Orion course, so you now follow videos where you barely know what he doing.

Ether way after struggling thru several weeks of the Orion course I realize it not will help me make my plugin (Orion course only cover mini-games and make boss plugin).

But can say Matej help me a lot insisted and get overtime more confident and when understanding the foundation he use in Orion course lacks a lot of functions I need in my plugin.

What my plugin does, is utilize custom inventory’s (so you can add more items than one double chest can contain). Some also support you adding items from a normal hopper.

What Is Project Orion?

Project Orion™ is a Minecraft plugin training for Bukkit, Spigot and Paper.