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Project Orion Review By Mats Wolgast

Project Orion Review By Mats Wolgast


The first time I saw Project Orion Advertised on Mc-Market I thought its a scam because of the Prize.

I looked on the internet for reviews, videos about it and asked other people about their opinion. I got more interested in the course and I wrote an email to Matej asking him what he has to say about my thoughts about the course.

He send me a 5-6 minute video of him answering to my thoughts and shoowing me things. I started to like Matej and bought the course because I had 30 days chargeback time anyways. At first I was dissapointed because I got confused by java. I was angry and wrote emails to Matej. He always stayed calm and tried to answer my questions. I really liked his personality and didnt wanted to start a chargeback.

So I continued focusing on Java and learned more about it and quickly I saw that the Java Masterclass made more sense with a little bit of prior java knowledge. I started to participate in the weekly calls and got more and more interested in java and everyday I learned a little bit of java with java masterclass and the internet. Matej always helping me via email or the weekly calls.

Thanks to him and Java Masterclass I begun to be on a learning grind and soon I am ready to begin the journey of Project Orion 2.0 and get into the spigot api.

I am really thankful now and dont regret spending for this course anymore because the time matej invests into the course and trying to help you is priceless

What Is Project Orion?

Project Orion™ is a Minecraft plugin training for Bukkit, Spigot and Paper.