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Project Orion Review By Tijn (Tvhee)

Project Orion Review By Tijn (Tvhee)


MineAcademy changed my (coding) life!

In the summer of 2020, I decided to make a start with coding. In August 2020 I watched my first youtube tutorials and learned a bit of Bukkit’s API. I did not understand what I was doing, and I even had no Java knowledge. Then in September 2020, I decided to help someone with a simple plugin. That was a very simple plugin but still took me 1 month to complete. In SpigotMC’s Discord server I got for every question first an answer like: “Why are you asking such dumb questions” or “Learn Java”. I just ignored that. Even without Java knowledge, I made 4 plugins and have posted them on SpigotMC. The code was very bad, and it took me lots of effort. The 5-star reviews were the thing that motivated me to continue coding. Until December 6th, 2020 this was my situation.

Some days before (December 3) I was just searching around on Google. I suddenly found MineAcademy’s homepage. After signing up I saw that the course cost me €97. I thought: No way! That is way too much money. Then Matej gave me a 7-day trial period. While trying his course, I found out that this even was something for me. Also, Matej gave me a 25% discount, and that is what persuaded me to buy the training.

When I bought it on a Sunday, I started with Java Masterclass. Even while I had some Java knowledge, I just learned many new things. After 2 weeks I joined a Q&A call (every Saturday) and I understood that it is really important to join, because he will help you with all your questions! Sometimes those calls can take even more than 1 hour! After Java Masterclass was finished (around January – February 2021) I decided to test my knowledge and updated my plugins. In that period I saw that my plugins were such bad-coded and even broke on some things. I was able to understand errors and how the code works, so I could fix things very fast.

After a while (June 2021) I was able to update something I never thought about before: My API. This was a really great project and took me 2 months. I use it now as a framework for all my plugins. Even while Matej has Foundation, I was using my API. After I force had to use it (The BedWars plugin) I started understanding that this is really great. You can even contribute. That’s why I am going to use it in my next projects, and even rebase my API on it.

I recommend the training for everyone who wants to create plugins (or create a great Minecraft server). Even if you already have Java knowledge, you can still learn great things you never heard before. Only watching Youtube tutorials is not that easy, and a frustrating process. Even if you don’t have Minecraft you can just learn Java here. The videos are very clear.

Matej is a very good instructor and listens to his students. At the moment of writing, Matej is renewing the course. As a student, I wanted to know what he is going to do. He shared his plans with his students, and I just e-mailed him with things he could add/change in the new course. The Core training was an idea by me because I saw that for every course the first 2 weeks were boring repeating over and over. Now it is just 1 course, delivered with every package and if you decide to buy more courses you only have to do it once.

Now I have really good coding experience, and the community is also important. You can just ask your questions to all students, and they can try to help you with their knowledge. If we (students) can’t find it out Matej is always there! Now I am also helping students with my knowledge, and sometimes I can even fix issues.

Concluding: It’s every penny worth it!

What Is Project Orion?

Project Orion™ is a Minecraft plugin training for Bukkit, Spigot and Paper.