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Project Orion Review By Adrián Janočko (AdoNikeOFFICE)

Project Orion Review By Adrián Janočko (AdoNikeOFFICE)


5 stars review? I am giving 10 of them.

Hello, I am Student and part of the community 2+ years.. I want to tell you my story and also summarize the facts here:

I started and built enthusiasm to Minecraft servers at 2015, continuing till now. What can I say.. I built over 100+ servers from then, many players has passed under my hand. I am happy for what I have proved to myself. But.. that was not enough for me. In 2019 I bought the course and my life changed completely, as the course includes personal development videos too, they helped me a lot, I can mange my life better now..

I have mindset on the right place, goals that I want to achieve every year and also a calendar plan. Beginning was hard, I mean, it is always, but I managed to go through it and I am here now, happy to help the beginners, because I know what is it like, you don’t need to be afraid of asking, we are all here to help each other, that’s one of the + in there, we are like family.

And I am not going to talk about the videos, there are a lot of them, features that are in, you will love and want to have them on your server. Work that Matej done and doing is absolutely excellent and professional. If you don’t know something: Discord, Skool platform, MineAcademy comments, Mail.. (there are also Q&A – Live Calls, which you can join, if you want to and ask your question in the chat or you can speak), one word, epic! After two years I’ve decided to finally release my first PREMIUM resource! Matej helped me to achieve it!

I can recommend this course to anyone.

P.S.: After 2 years of mails with Matej, I feel like he is my brother. 😂 Every problem was resolved with a cold head and good mood always!

Have questions or need help? Contact me.

What Is Project Orion?

Project Orion™ is a Minecraft plugin training for Bukkit, Spigot and Paper.