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ChatControl Review By blockswerker

ChatControl Review By blockswerker


I found this while looking for an anti-spam solution. I tried several other free and paid plugins but spammers always found a way to adjust their settings and get around filtering: ChatControl-Red is the ONLY plugin that was able to compare messages over long periods of time and identify patterns that would otherwise look like normal chat. I should have just bought this instead of wasting money on cheaper plugins that didn’t work. I needed to go through the setup videos and wiki docs before CHC was ready for my live server, so don’t expect to get a perfect experience without some tweaking and permissions setup. Now that I have this, I can see that it offers way more features than I’m using and can replace 2-3 other plugins. If you are looking for a cool non-P2W reward for players, the ability to show an image in chat via “chc announce image” is very cool: add player head PNGs to the images folder and reward a player by showing their skin face in game chat once a day when they login, or to announce the winner of contest, or some other condition. I love this plugin!

What Is ChatControl?

ChatControl is a Minecraft plugin that’ll help you format & filter your chat, fight spam, ads, swears or even bots on your server.