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ChatControl Review By Codixer

ChatControl Review By Codixer


Words cannot describe how glad I am this person exists. Kangarko is one of the best developers in the Minecraft buisness i’ve met, he doesn’t look at his plugins as a way to earn money. But as an extention of himself. Helping server admins and players alike.

ChatControl is without a doubt in my mind, a very very very extensive plugin. The custom Rules language he has built alone for his plugin is impressive. And even though the plugin has a small learning curve, most features are done through the game with a few commands. Even his terms are friendly enough for someone who takes a few seconds to read it to understand.

The entire plugin industry this guy has built, together with his programming study (MineAcademy) has blown me away. And I’d love to be a part of it.

What Is ChatControl?

ChatControl is a Minecraft plugin that’ll help you format & filter your chat, fight spam, ads, swears or even bots on your server.