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Confiscate Review By adamk523

Confiscate Review By adamk523


It’s great at what it does, but its applications don’t go beyond preventing massive disasters. I want to set up Confiscate to alert me when a player enters the upper percentile of wealth on my server, but that would just punish them by replacing all of their emeralds with useless fake emeralds that cannot be spent anywhere in any shop (the confiscated items have invisible NBT tags).

It would be like if the IRS automatically took the million dollars you worked for and replaced it with Monopoly money because it’s an “unusually high amount” and you could have theoretically, *possibly* stolen it. Setting the limit to one trillion dollars wouldn’t solve the issue, because people can now still steal a million and get away with it.

Short of preventing the most blatant and ridiculously huge dupe glitches, the plugin’s useless for general-purpose auditing and warnings since it is too medieval in its punishments and there is no way to tone it down through configuration. I’ll gladly change my review to a five star if the plugin is improved to where I can avoid punishing the innocent.

What Is Confiscate?

Restore fair play, prevent abusive staff and catch what anti-cheats never will.