VALENTINE SPECIAL: Get Project Orion For A Lifetime — Ends In:
I believe this course is for anyone looking to learn Java besides Minecraft Plugin Development. Get through the \”Boring / Learning stuff\” to get to the juicy stuff. Take your time and ACTUALLY learn
It has been quite awhile since ive used this but from what i remember the starting videos were very well done and thorough but I never got that far into the course because of
Before using Project Orion, I\’d never had the opportunity to follow a systematical tutorial, so Project Orion helped me to build a solid understanding from the ground up. The program also teaches you how
My friend turned me on to Project Orion after he went through the course. Before using the course, I had a very basic understanding of Java. After the course, I feel way more confident
Hello my name is Alex i joined this project long time ago, i was afraid to join at the beggining because i was thinking i can\’t learn to code, it seemed too difficult for
A comprehensive course with a lot of advice, tools, and tricks from an experienced Spigot developer; it saved me a lot of time developing and testing custom plugins to a high standard.
The course is a lot better then i expected initially, Matej is a friendly and verry helpful instructor and you can feel he puts a lot of time and effort into MineAcademy.
When i first started my server I did what most do and used plugins I found on Spigot, I mismatched them and cobbled everything together with sticks and duck tape. After we released and
My first time doing project orion was over 2 years ago. I struggled to really get into it, but the knowledge and material was easy to follow and helpful. I\’m hoping upon doing 2.0
It was a great learning experience that gave me a lot of insight into minecraft coding. Both theory and practice were explained very well.

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