Edit: As of January 1, 2024, this is no longer offered, see this post for more information.

Last year, we’ve experimented with publishing our plugins on BuiltByBit (formerly MC-Market), Songoda and Polymart after transitioning away from SpigotMC. We’ve concluded the the vast majority of our customers and server owners spend time on BuiltByBit (formerly MC-Market) only, and maintaining our plugins at so many different places causes unnecessary overhead.

We’ve therefore stopped publishing our plugins ChatControl, Boss, CoreArena, Confiscate and Winter on any other site than BuiltByBit (formerly MC-Market).

We had good experience with Polymart and Songoda and can recommend both platforms if they suit your needs. Especially Polymart offers some unique features such as per-country pricing, Stripe payments and deeper anti-piracy integration.