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Free Trials Now Opened

August 21, 2019 | Published by Matej Pacan

We now announce everyone can test our entire platform completely free of charge!

As an ongoing effort to make our courses as accessible and transparent, we have opened free trials for everyone wanting to build their Minecraft plugin or a better server.

No skills? No money? No problem!

As a trial customer you get a 7-day access to Java Masterclass and Project Orion training programs so you are already able to setup everything and build your first plugin.

Even if you never coded anything before.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this change and encourage you to invite friends or colleagues to test our new content portal.

Matej Pacan

Matej Pacan helps people build and grow success Minecraft networks, build complex systems, hire and manage teams better, reduce overhead and take a leading role on the market. He founded MineAcademy with the mission of creating the world's best educational platform where any idea can be transformed into reality on your own demand.

Are you ready to join the revolution?

Your Minecraft server 2.0 has been waiting for this.