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Great program for learning Java, whether you have some experience or have never even looked at code before. It helped me from basic java all the way into the plugin development.
Project Orion helped me get started in java, to make plugins easier. I think the greatest thing about it is that there is a new way explained on how to code plugins. The only downside to it is that it was very long (a lot of focus and preparation pre-learning videos ). Another bad thing would be that plug... (Read More)
The thing I like about Orion is that we can use foundation which really helps. When you want something added, does not work, or have a suggestion you can simply contact Matej and he will see if he can do something about it (which is the case from what I have seen in his weekly calls). Secondly: I work tog... (Read More)
All I managed to achieve is probably some basic programming and little Java knowledge. Legacy Project Orion was a bit complicated for me due to lack of subtitles and generally weird submission of information for me
MineAcademy's Project Orion program allowed me to go from someone who was scared to write even one single line of code to someone who is excited to dig deeper into what Java and Minecraft have to offer under the hood and explore parts of both that I never knew even existed. Matej is a serious genius who k... (Read More)
A couple years ago I stumbled upon this course and took the Java Master class. It was some of my first exposure to programming. After learning Java from this course it allowed me to take the principles I learned and apply them in other languages. He does a great job at presenting the information entertain... (Read More)
Overall well-designed course. Had a lot of enjoyment learning Java and expanding my knowledge beyond JavaScript [my prior experience]. Would recommend for beginners and people who're looking to begin development and learn about Java in a more advanced way but at a beginner friendly level.