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Hello, I would say, This course is really worth it. At first I think it is a bit expensive but i still collected my money until I can buy. After I bought this course I see the quality of videos and instructor. Also, Great community very good support. For now, I can make plugin for commission and earn fro... (Read More)
Project Orion has helped me to start from beginning of Java coding understand it. Before that I didn't have any clue where to start, google gave me weird answers and wasted time with searching un-usefull answers.
I've made great strides in my general understanding of core functionalities and uses of the Spigot API, which has allowed me to be more creative and adventurous with my plugins. The discord community has also been a great helping factor in the course, if you're stuck on anything, people are always super q... (Read More)
Project Orion was a really great way to start out making plugins, and Foundation is well.. a great foundation as well to it. I really wanted to make spigot plugins for a while now, because I was mainly writing anything custom in Skript before this. This helped me out with starting, but one of the main pro... (Read More)
I learnt a lot from this course regarding Java and minecraft plug-in development. The inner workings of the game are explained very well. Although I'm an experienced programmer, I think this course will be very helpful to novice as well as intermediate level programmers and plug-in developers. The communi... (Read More)
We've been using Foundation to speed up development for a while now and made sure to support the company. It's a fantastic library that we use in a lot of our plugins right now, although we are at this point phasing it out to slim out some of our codebase. Definitely would recommend the course for people ... (Read More)
Although I haven't had much experience with Project Orion and have moved on to other things, the time I spent with the program was amazing. The content was indepth, the community was unmatched, and any question or problem I had would be easily cleared.
The Project is good and can help people to achieve fast results and knowledge about Java and Plugin/Networking programming. I already had a solid java/spigot programming base, but I believe that its always worth to be updated and learn more, to increase your skills.