“How to build highly successful Minecraft networks, create a royal community, earn and invest wisely, hire trusted staff & management, develop custom solutions and games fast and become #1”

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Together we’ll:

  • Plot your entire server operation and systems into a powerful map
  • Generate new ideas without creative skills, identify what players want, create “the magnet” and then deliver amazing games
  • Minimize risk when investing for ads and get a high return on investment each time
  • Understand players psychology, what makes them stay, build trust and a royal player-base, create a unique motivating environment with incentives to spend time on and return to
  • Earn money so you can grow your server without it being a money-hungry machine
  • How to make the “flywheel” – “the more players that join & stay, the more players that join & stay” (most servers have anti-flywheel – the more players leave the even more players leave)
  • Systems design, architecturing high-level systems for automation and delegation so you can focus on creating rather than dealing with stupid issues 10 hours a day

Warning: This is not for everyone!

  • You must already have a Minecraft server…
  • Your server must not be just a money grabbing machine, you must be willing to deliver great experience to your players…
  • You must be willing to run a truly unique and differentiated server, not just a quick copy-paste server like the other thousand ones…
  • You have to be willing to take action, put in the hours and do the work….

Warning: Limited capability. Will fill out quickly!

Matej Pacan
Founder & CEO of MineAcademy

Author of ChatControl, Boss, CoreArena. Trained over 2,000 students through MineAcademy. Managed 30,000 players and 700,000 software downloads since 2012.