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WalkingPlayers is currently ranked the top 10 server in one of the biggest Spanish ranking websites: 40ServidoresMC.

The network offers one of the friendliest atmospheres in the world to play with your friends, and meet new ones as well and then, involve yourself in customized challenges and new experiences that you would only experiment with us. 



Founder: Angel Avila, Emmanuel Avila, Daniel Navarro

Niche: Survival / Roleplay / Minigames

How WalkingPlayers is using almost all MineAcademy products to win

It all started when Spigot was not even conceived, back in Minecraft 1.2.5. Since then, we have basically tested out every plugin offered on the market. We have discarded a lot of them, but there is one that never disappeared: ChatControl.


ChatControl: “The plugin to power all of our servers.”

ChatControl has been THE plugin that has basically powered all of our servers (we have more than 10 servers running). It has helped us to maintain an extremely clean, aesthetic and spam-free chat thanks to its features. Swearing, advertisements from other places, insults and bad behaviour is practically eradicated from our network due to how flexible ChatControl is.

Besides that, we love the ability to have both Public and Admin Chat readable and interactable through Discord which makes it even easier to keep monitoring the server and talk with anyone, no matter in which server they would be.


Confiscate: “A must-have if you want to keep your economy balanced.”

Another administrative tool that we are currently using is Confiscate. There is simply no other plugin out there that does what Confiscate does in order to keep staff on the radar and to have you informed about most of their movements and actions in your server. Definitely a must-have plugin if you want to keep your server’s economy balanced.


Boss and CoreArena: “A masterpiece to power hundreds of hours of fun.”

Together, they make a masterpiece to have hundreds of hours of fun for both arenas and the open world. Once you setup your bosses and learn how to tweak and use all the abilities the plugin has built-in, you can basically create endless combinations to create different entities which is going to make your players to have a lot of fun by collaborating altogether and defeating the incredible beasts you prepared for them. Absolutely amazing!

MineAcademy plugins have definitely and permanently changed the sensation from all of our servers for good, bringing unique and exclusive stuff to our players, and above all, an incredibly safe and friendly space for them to play, free from trollers, hackers, spammers, and rule-breakers.

They have become must have plugins for running our servers and that essentially has made us to be in the position we are in 2020. 

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