BlazeVortex offers Factions like it used to be in the good old days. The server has been running since 2015 and offers unique features with tweaks in gameplay that make our server the best Factions server around.



Founder: Fredericus Van Der Meer

Niche: Factions

How BlazeVortex uses ChatControl to improve their community feeling

Way back in the days my server used to be a cracked server this means that people that haven’t purchased the game could join the server. We used a lot of weird plugins to block people advertising and swearing within our chat which was still easy to bypass.

The biggest problem were the advertisers and toxicity in the chat by our community and people that just wanted to take out there hate on others. This also caused our staff team to have a bad time and the toxicity was just driving some of our staff members insane to the point where they resigned.

When we installed ChatControl Pro we customized it to match our server needs and designs which solved most of our issues related to toxicity and annoying advertisers.

We have been using ChatControl since and the chat and advertising filter is just extremely powerful and helping our staff team and in general our community to be more clean and friendly.

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