Arif Gasanov


Arif Gasanov is sharing his experience with MineAcademy, how he started from the ground up to the point now where his server is regularly crossing 130 only players mark.

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Founder: Arif Gasanov

How Arif built his server to 130 average players

That’s not a help-request or something like this – so if you don’t have a lot of time you should just skip it. Here I want to tell you about my experience and changes that was made by Matej.

I was a server-developer, but i didn’t know how plugins works ( i thought that it’s like a magic ). I knew a famous developers like kangarko, Maximvdw and Zrips. I thought that they are not a human ( like they never talk to people like me, but i was wrong ).

Everything started when Matej Pacan posted a new status on SpigotMC – “What is your biggest struggle when running a MC server or coding plugins? Let me know at 🙂”. I thought – it’s my chance to change my life! And I was right.

I’ve posted a request to make a call to me. I didn’t think that Matej really can call me, I thought that some manager will can and offer me a deal. But everything changed when kangarko called me.

I was really nervous when i heard man’s voice. I’m Russian and my English is not good enough. I’ve described my situation (i had a small server with 40-60 average players). Than Matej told me about “Tsar Bomba” project called “Mentioning”. I was really excited.

Unfortunately i didn’t had such money and my server’s VIP sales was not good enough, so I couldn’t join this project, but Matej told me about the course and it was much more cheaper! I decided to look forward the page just for watch.

My first think was – “It’s just a scam”, but I decided to buy an “BUNDLE” package. It was the best decision of my life.

I started to learn. I was learning very quickly, but everyone has a barrier like – “It’s too complicated for me! I’ll never finish it!”. Than i stopped learning for a week.

I was thinking about this course a lot. I wasn’t the best student ( not only because I’m Russian, more because i was not stick to this ). But I decided – “I need to finish it. I really need it!” And I’ve finished.
That was the best experience of my life. Matej’s course was very exciting and humorous. I really didn’t think that it can be so interesting.

Now I have a new server with more than 130 average players. It’s very good for me. I didn’t think that i can achieve it one day, but i could.

Matej have learned me how to break a lot of “barriers” not in coding only, but also in life. Now I know – I’m a better person that i was at the very beginning.

At the very beginning I thought – “Oh, I’ve a new error, that’s impossible to sole it!”, But now I know – i can solve all the issues, because i want. All of the errors are a part of your coding experience, just like in life. If you solve an issue – you’ll receive a lot of experience.

Now I can understand how plugins works and how to make it by my own! That was my target and I’ve achieved it. I’ve good solid foundation because Matej’s courses changed my mind. Keep in mind – all of your problems and issues starts from your mind. If you know that you’re not a “sh*t” – you’ll rock the mountains.
I’m sorry for such a large text, but i wanted to tell you about my own experience and my own thoughts about Matej’s courses. I’m really looking forward new kangarko’s projects and i hope that his projects will teach me how to become much better person.

If you’re still thinking about joining any of Matej’s projects – just read this post, but keep in mind that he can’t make you better – he can give you a right road to become a better person (or a better Minecraft & Java coder ).

Thanks for your attention, I really appreciate it.

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