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I've only read good things about the project so far, so I decided to start learning to code. Unfortunately, there is currently no function or app with which you can also look at things offline.
Project Orion was perfect even a master piece, It helped me correct my flaws and learn whole lot of new things about java, minecraft and programming. It also teaches you about efficiency so the work you have to get done, gets done faster. To sum up, It is really got for people that are beginning to learn ... (Read More)
First, I work with private people so a lot of my projects are hidden, however I hope to change this while working on more future stuff with this program and maybe help change the MC Dev. World. Second. The software is really well organized. It you need somewhere to start while also challenging yourself... (Read More)
By the time I found Project Orion I was already a few years into my development journey but I still found lots of helpful advice and knowledge in some of the courses I often find myself learning easier from watching videos rather than reading books or massive walls of text so Project Orion was a savior in... (Read More)
Java Masterclass student here. From early months of me beginning Java, I was self-taught and immediately was surrounded by bad techniques and habits. When I bought this course, I was immediately shocked and found out that I have to re-learn a bunch of topics and do them properly. Learning the basics of Ja... (Read More)
This course beats everything, let me explain. I had a hard time learning from old spigot posts and outdated youtube tutorials. I didn't even know what I was "coding" if you can even call it that. Not surprisingly, the codes would never work. The spigot posts were old and never found an answer, probably b... (Read More)
Project Orion is excellent so far. I've seen reviews which said stuff like "this is a waste of money, "you can learn this for free or much cheaper online", "this has pointless psychology stuff in it". The reviews made me reluctant at first to purchase it but if anything, this course in my opinion is the b... (Read More)
As it was so boring to watch, i never finished it and so never created anything. Thats why I'm trying to upgrade. You can't claim credit for my work even if I did create anything. Fuck your awful course.