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Project Orion Review By Jakub Kędziora


The course is pretty good quality. It teaches you basics of Java and Spigot API. Additionally, the author provides his own library called Foundation used to code plugins faster and it’s pretty cool.

The only disadvantages are that videos are pretty long, and some things such as abstraction are explained poorly in my opinion. It took me some time to understand things, and I don’t have very high results right now, in comparison to other students because I didn’t go through the whole course, however I’m looking forward to do it.If you want to see my projects, here is my GitHub:

Also we have our Skool group, Discord channel and weekly Q&A calls which really help and are priceless. I think the price of the course is fair enough.

What Is Project Orion?

Project Orion™ is the world’s most advanced Java training program designed around creating Minecraft plugins.