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Project Orion Review By Jakomare Tin


During my last server project I had a lot of fun and learned a ton of things regarding Minecraft, owning and running a server, ETC.
Especially in regards to plugins. Using plugins, configuring plugins, ETC.

It wasn’t all fun, but it was mostly fun.
There were a lot of challenges, limitations, and potential risks to consider in regards to which version of Minecraft I should use and how I’d update the version in the future, how many plugins I should use, which features from plugins I should use, ETC.

Eventually I reached what I felt was the perfect balance for a Minecraft SMP, and my server even had unique features that I have not seen on other servers, even despite not utilizing any custom plugins.

In my mind I thought I had the best plugins (many premium plugins), one of the best server hosts, some of the best security protocols, ETC.

In the end I couldn’t get a single player to join my server. I think over 30 players joined to check it out, but none stayed for the long term.
I had the option to spend more money for advertising, but after considering many things, I realized it would be best to just cancel the project within a week after its release.

A few weeks after that, I started learning Java. I wanted to learn Java and learn how to code Minecraft content (plugins/mods). I figured I can either get a job with Java, or make a living from Minecraft content.

I bought an E-book online to learn Java (I didn’t know this course also taught basic Java) and I was able to learn a lot from the e-book, but most of the lessons in the book felt incomplete, and by the end of the book I was still unable to really do anything with Java, and had no clue where to go from there in regards to basic Java.

After I bought the Orion course I decided to go through the Java Masterclass since the knowledge I gained from the e-book was incomplete.
Unfortunately I was extremely impatient. I watched every single second of every video, but I often increased the speed of videos more than I should have, and I never followed along in my IDE (but I did pause the videos frequently to look at code, took notes, and downloaded resources).
I thought that this impatient behavior would be okay since a lot of the Java lessons in the Java Masterclass are things that I learned (at least in part) in the e-book.

I realized, by the time I finished the Java Masterclass, that the lessons taught in the Java Masterclass are far superior to the e-book, and it would have been much more efficient and beneficial for me to take my time and go through the course properly.
I started the Java Masterclass again from the beginning and the difference was clear. I was able to learn and understand the lessons much more completely.

I did not get too far into my second run-through of Java Masterclass before this update, but I found it much more beneficial to follow along with the material in the video in my own IDE and play with the code to gain a greater understanding of it.
The additional clarity gained from going that extra step made me realize I can learn vastly more from Java Masterclass than the e-book I read.

I believe I’ll be able to fully understand the basics of Java, and learning additional things outside of what is taught at MineAcademy will be much easier.

Summary: This course is great for beginners to learn Java and coding Minecraft plugins. When I follow the lessons properly by taking notes, writing the code, practicing on my own, ETC. I get a very clear understanding from the material.

What Is Project Orion?

Project Orion™ is the world’s most advanced Java training program designed around creating Minecraft plugins.